Photo: Christopher Nunn

We’re Not Stupid! is the digital accompaniment to The Deal Vs The People – a site specific play by Common Wealth Theatre. The Deal Vs The People is a play about power, how much we have (or think we have), how much we want, how much we’ve given away and how much has been taken away.
On the surface, the play explores TTIP (The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) – a secretive trade deal between the European Union and the USA. TTIP was first announced by President Barrack Obama in 2013, and has since been through more than ten rounds of fertive negotiation in Washington DC, Brussels and New York. TTIP is criticised because it will give corporations more power over governments (possibly even more power than governments) and pose a serious threat to the environment, our public services and our democracy.

How will TTIP impact the people of Bradford? How will it impact the people of the World?

For more information about TTIP, click HERE.

Common Wealth are working with 8 new actors from Bradford who we don’t usually see represented in politics. We’re Not Stupid! Is a way of documenting a broader range of interactions about power with the people of Bradford, and hopefully the world.

The Deal Vs The People is a site specific event, from 21st – 24th October 2015. It will transform Bradford City Hall Council Chambers into a stage like no other, and provoke conversation, debate and a sense of power to the people…WE’RE NOT STUPID!