CommonWealthOfficialLogo‘The Deal Vs The People’ is a play about power, how much we have, how much we want, how much we’ve given away and how much has been taken away. What can we do now? Sign a petition, write a letter, plant a bomb? Are we operating in their systems or making new ones? How powerful are we alone, how powerful are we together? What can we achieve right now?

So that we could get a better idea of what the TTIP negotiations could result in, we took our cast to interview some of the people in the know. Below are the interviews with John Hilary, Executive Director of War on Want, and Paul Griffiths, Deputy Head Transatlantic and International Unit. (Playlist below). We also conducted interviews with Asad Rehman, Senior Campaigner – Friends of The Earth International and Guy Taylor from Global Justice Now (Links to mp3’s below playlist).

Asad Rehman – Senior Campaigner, International Climate, FOTE

Global Justice Now – Guy Taylor, Ed Lewis

If TTIP is voted in by your MEP (Member of European Parliament) there’s a real possibility that your powers will be diminished. What can we do to make our voices heard? Remember, you can always contact and talk to your local MP’s and MEP’s.

Sign the petition to stop TTIP

NEWS: The petition to stop TTIP has reached it’s goal of 3,000,000 signatures! This means that it will be delivered to the European commission in the next few days for review. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sign it…the more the better. To sign the petition CLICK HERE